Shearforce Bio-Remediation systems utilize Natures' Indigenous elements to formulate environmentally friendly solutions for the cleaning of oil contaminated medias; drill cuttings, sludge pits, oil spills, and produced water,  Bio-Remediation is a logical preference to thermo disorbtion units which are not environmentally friendly.
Shearforce Ozone Systems will purify contaminated water  to drinking water, remote areas where power is not available. are also available..
Dissolved air floatation (DAF) System utilize the Shearforce Rotor to produce millions of microscopic bubbles too greatly improve the efficiency of the DAF and produce cleaner water. 
emission control with Urea to ammonia systems for the reduction of nox emissions utilizing state of the art design which assure the lowest nox emissions possible. Urea to ammonia systems are much safer than aqueous or anhydrous ammonia systems.

Shearforce Machine monitoring & SCADA systems improve operators safety by providing Intelligent detailed information which assist the operators in making safe decisions regarding the status of the process or equipment.
Our Jira Agile Project Management process coupled with National INstruments Labview Software and DCS Hardware result in the best operating Practice available..